SS 8 inch chrome golf cart wheel covers review

Review of the SS chrome golf cart wheel covers (8 inch)
There’s a huge range of golf cart accessories available these days, allowing you to customize your cart to your heart’s content. All that customization can cost a lot of money of course. So if you’re looking to give your motorized golf cart a quick and inexpensive makeover that nevertheless looks fantastic, then chrome wheel covers are a great option.

Not only do they provide a real sharp and cool look for not much cost, they’re easy to install too as they just snap on in minutes.

One of the best selling sets of wheel covers on Amazon are these ones from SS, but are they worth the investment? Let’s take a quick look…

SS chrome golf cart wheel covers

What’s good?

We have to say that at under $4o (at the time of writing), these covers are great value for money.

They’re very well constructed and take only a few minutes to snap in place. And once installed, they do make a real difference to the look of your cart. In fact, they look fantastic. It’s amazing what such a simple addition to your cart can do to the way it looks.

It seems a little silly, but once you’ve put these covers on your wheels, you’ll swear your cart actually looks faster, as well as much more impressive!

The wheel covers fit all the major cart manufacturers such as Yamaha, Ezgo (with the exception of Ezgo RXV carts) and Club Car golf carts. Indeed, they should fit any cart with 8 inch wheels, or for that matter anything else with 8 inch wheels too. So you could even bling up your ATV or ride-on lawn mower too!

What’s not so good?

There have been one or two reports in the Amazon reviews about problems with the center stickers coming loose. We have to say that we didn’t have any such problem. It should also be noted that if you buy through Amazon then you won’t have any problem getting replacements or your money back on the off chance that you did encounter an issue.

Apart from that, we can’t find any faults with these covers. Wheel covers are wheel covers after all, and these are well made and durable examples that are available for a great price.


These SS chrome golf cart wheel covers are well worth considering if you want to add a touch of class to the appearance of your golf cart without breaking the bank. They look great and obviously cost much less than replacing the wheels and tires.

Overall, they offer a cheap upgrade to your cart that hugely improves its appearance, with little effort. You can check out the reviews and buy them now from Amazon by clicking on the button below: Protection Status