Golf cart accessories

A look at golf cart accessories and customization

Modifying or pimping their rides has long been popular with car afficianados. And recently the same thing has even become popular with golf lovers too with the increasing trend for customized golf carts. Along with this growing popularity has come a corresponding growth in the number and variety of golf cart accessories in stores. That’s not really surprising; after all, equipment manufacturers will always look to meet demand and fill gaps in the market.

And when you think about how much time and money golfers spend on the game they love, it’s also not surprising that golf cart customization is taking off in a big way. That’s because most motorized golf carts only come with basic accessories and features. So modifying your golf cart with the latest accessories can offer some real advantages.

Advantages of golf cart accessories

Modifying your golf cart makes it more comfortable for you, which is especially important if you play a lot; you don’t want to be spending all day riding around in discomfort.

Also, pimping your golf cart can make it faster too, as well as making easier to handle and safer.

As well as these practical advantages, there are also the aesthetic advantages too. Modify your golf cart with all the latest accessories and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd and make a real statement. So if you’re the type of person who likes to be noticed, and even envied, then golf cart customization is for you.

But what type of golf cart accessories are available?

Types of golf cart accessory

Here are some of the best golf cart accessories you can use to add your own personal touch to your cart. With these accessories, your cart will be more practical to use and also look fantastic.

Lift kits

Lift kits can make an incredible difference to your golf cart. Firstly, they increase stability and hence safety. Secondly, as your cart is lifted further off the ground, you can more easily clear obstacles such as rocks and plants while out on the course.

Finally, they also improve the appearance of your cart, giving it a real rugged look.

You can even add ground lighting which makes your cart look even better, as well having practical use too. For that extra stand-out appearance, try some multi-colored underbody lights.

Performance upgrades

Modifying your cart’s engine can improve its power and make it faster. It can also make your cart more reliable too.

Other possible performance upgrades include electrical system upgrades, gas system upgrades, performance exhaust systems and high speed gears.

And an extreme option is a full engine swap where you completely replace the stock engine! This is a possible option if you have an older cart with a slow and inefficient engine that doesn’t provide the power you’re looking for. Even modern stock engines don’t have a great amount of “oomph” behind them and a complete new engine can give more speed and greater hill climbing capabilities.


Upgrading the braking system on your cart is another way to improve your safety when driving it.

Chrome wheels

Chrome wheels only used to be seen on sports cars, but not any more. There are lots of options now for adding them to your golf cart. And they look great!

Couple them with new tires to complete the look. You’ve got choices here too – sleek and understated, or thick and rugged.

Other chrome accessories

You can match your new chrome wheels with chrome side panels and fenders to help complete the look of your cart.

Custom paint job

A custom paint job won’t improve the performance of your cart but it will make it stand out and be noticed. There’s an almost limitless range of options with today’s trick paints; you can go for a subtle, understated look or a loud and garish “look at me” paint job.


If you’ve got your custom paint job but you still want to make even more of a statement with your cart, you can add some golf cart decals. Again, there’s lots of choices here; you’re sure to be able to find something that gives you exactly the look you want.

Steering wheel

Replacing your old steering wheel with one that matches your new paint job and decals helps to complete your new look.


Another option is to reupholster the seats on your cart. Replace the old seats with top of the range leather seats for more comfort. Again, choose a color that matches your new paint job.

Flag pole

Show your patriotism, or your support for your favorite sports team, by adding a flag pole to your cart, along with a flag.

Choose a theme

Before you start to customize your cart, think about the look you’re trying to achieve. Pick a theme and then choose accessories that match and complement this theme.

For example, you may choose a modern theme with lots of chrome and matching colors. Or you may prefer a dark wooden theme with appropriate colors.


These golf cart accessories allow you to completely customize and personalize your golf cart. If you want to stand out from the crowd down at the golf course, use them to modify your cart and get noticed.

You don’t have to be a pro golfer to look good and enjoy your ride out on the course. So go ahead and make your cart your own personal statement.

Good luck on the course!

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