Reviews of the best golf shoes

Reviews of the best golf shoes on the market

Many golfers don’t pay much attention to their footwear apart from the appearance. This is a mistake though because your shoes are important. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the best golf shoes on the market.

Golf shoes are often an under-rated and much neglected part of a golfer’s equipment. After all, just how much difference can the best golf shoes make to your game?

Well, as it happens, they can make a huge difference. And when golfers are spending small fortunes on the latest advancements in club technology, golfing gadgets and lessons with pros, a bit of money invested in a top quality pair of golf shoes is a small price to pay for what will likely be a big improvement in their scores.

Yes, the humble golf shoe really can make such a big difference to your golf performance! Let’s take a look at some reasons why this is so…

Why are golf shoes important?

Firstly, when you’re playing a round of golf you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. For a start, the average length of a golf course is somewhere around six and half thousand yards. Then take into consideration that you won’t be walking straight from tee to green on every hole and you can see how the distance you cover in a round starts to add up. So a quality pair of comfortable shoes is important to stop your feet from hurting. Otherwise you run the risk of blisters and other foot problems.

Then think about all the different weather conditions in which you play golf. Unless you’re just a fair-weather golfer, you’ll be playing in some pretty wet conditions. Even if the weather’s dry, you’ll likely be playing when the ground itself is wet. And there’s nothing worse than playing with cold, wet feet. So you need a pair of shoes that are thoroughly waterproof.

Thirdly, and most importantly, a vital element of your swing is your balance. And this will be affected by the traction your feet get on the ground. As just described, you’ll be playing golf under a range of different ground conditions and you’ll want a pair of golf shoes that provide excellent grip with the turf under all conditions. An additional benefit of shoes that offer good traction is that you’re also less likely to slip and fall when walking the course between shots.

Finally, a tough pair of quality golf shoes will help to protect your feet if you’re a frequent visitor to the rough. When you have to walk through the longer grass and even brambles, burrs and prickles, you’ll be glad of the extra protection they offer over other forms of footwear.

Ecco Biom G2

  • High-quality Yak leather

    SLIM-lok spikes
    Range of colors
    Low profile midsole section for increased feel

Adidas Adipower Boost 2

  • Boost technology absorbs impact

    Grimpore technology cleats for added traction
    Soft microfiber leather upper
    100% waterproof
    External heel counter

Footjoy Freestyle

  • Tongue-Lok instep grip and HeelLok for comfort and traction

    100% waterproof
    Pulsar Cleats by SoftSpike
    InnerSok system with Achilles pad
    Lightweight and comfortable

Best golf shoes reviews

So now we’ve covered why golf shoes matter, here are our reviews of the best golf shoes on the market …

ECCO Biom G2 golf shoe review

Technical specifications

  • Made using high-quality Yak leather.
  • Highly water-repellent.
  • SLIM-lok spikes.
  • DIP technology.
  • Low profile midsole section for increased feel.
  • TPU inserts on outer sole.


The stated aim behind the design of the ECCO Biom G2 is to allow amateur golfers to get the same levels of comfort and grip as that which is normally only available to the golf pro. To that end, the shoes are extremely lightweight so as not to put an undue burden on your feet when out on the course.

ECCO even went to the effort of scanning over two thousand athelete’s feet when designing the last (the solid form that the shoe is pulled over during manufacture in order to mold the shape of the shoe) to ensure the final shoe is as comfortable and stable as possible.

The design also features a midsole section that is purposely designed to be thinner. The idea is to bring your foot closer to the ground and give you a better feel of your traction.

All this theory is all well and good of course, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Or in this case, the proof of the shoe is in the wearing. And there must be something to all this design technology because we have to say the shoe is one of the most comfortable we’ve worn while at the same time giving great feel and traction during our swing.

The Biom G2 comes in five different colors:

  • Black / transparent.
  • Camel / oyester.
  • Concrete / royal.
  • White / dark shadow.
  • White / fire.

As well as the comfort and protection it offers, this is also a great-looking and stylish shoe.


The ECCI Biom G2 is made from the highest quality, soft Yak leather. This makes them lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The softness of the leather means these shoes are super comfortable right from the get-go, with no need to break them in.

Despite their lightness, they still feel very strong and supportive to your feet when worn. This is true even when worn for long periods. So you’ve no need to worry about them starting to cause problems for your feet even after a full 18 holes or more, which can be an issue with some lightweight shoes that feel great at first.

We were a little concerned that the thinner middle section of the sole may start to cause discomfort after prolonged wearing, but in practice we didn’t encounter any such problem.

The outer sole of the shoe is made with DIP technology. DIP stands for Direct Injection Process and is a method of making the shoe without any stitching or glue. This makes the shoe more flexible and gives it better shock absorption.

The leather has been treated with ECCO’s own special technology to make it highly water-repellent.


As well as the thinner middle sole section, the Biom G2 also features what ECCO refer to as a “technical insole system”. This is basically a silicone printed insole that adds extra comfort and support, and helps to prevent your feet slipping and sliding inside the shoe as you swing. This adds an extra element of stability to your swing, which can only be a good thing.

The spikes on the Biom G2 are SLIM-lok spikes from ChampSpikes which are industry-leading and extremely secure. So there’s no need to worry about losing spikes during your round. And during testing they provided superb grip without affecting our swing flow in any way.

The outer sole of the shoe also features TPU inserts for extra responsiveness. These also provide additional elasticity and cushioning too.

We tested the shoe under a variety of different turf conditions and found the feel and traction provided by the Biom G2 to be of the highest order.


The construction quality of this shoe is superb. This really is one golf shoe that is built to last, whilst retaining its comfort and water-protection.

You can be sure you’ll get plenty of use out of this shoe, even under the worst of conditions.


The ECCO Biom G2 certainly isn’t a cheap option. So you have to ask yourself the question of whether you’re prepared to pay a bit extra for the sake of your feet.

To us it’s not a difficult decision: the extra comfort, protection, feel and stability offered by the Biom G2 is definitely worth the extra cost if it falls within your budget. Highly recommended.

You can read more reviews and buy the shoe at Amazon by clicking on the button below:


Adidas Adipower Boost 2 golf shoe review

Technical specifications

  • Boost technology to absorb impact.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Grimpore technology cleats.
  • 100% waterproof.


The Adidas Adipower Boost 2 golf shoe has been designed from the start with the aim of boosting comfort and power.

The middle of the sole has been built using Adidas’ so-called “Energy-returning boost” system. Adidas claims this returns more of the energy you put into your stride back to you as the sole decompresses than other shoes. And it has to be said, there’s a noticeable bounce in your stride when wearing these shoes. The stride is very airy and cushioned too, making for a comfortable experience.

The microfiber leather upper is soft, adding to the comfort of the shoe. It’s also very breathable, preventing your feet from becoming hot and sweaty.

The design is very stylish, with the standard Adidas three-stripe feature.


Golf shoe technology has really come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, just as with running shoes. These shoes offer a level of comfort you couldn’t really have imagined for this price just a short time ago.

The external heel counter, an Adidas development, is a piece of resilient material bonded to the heel which improves stability and support and helps to prevent blistering.

The Adipower Boost 2 also features Climaproof. This makes them 100% waterproof.


The hybrid cleat system that these shoes feature, the so-called “Gripmore” technology, provides excellent traction during your swing.

The flexibility in the shoe means there’s less pressure on the top of your foot during the swing, which can be a problem with more rigid shoes.

The Gripmore cleats offer all the comfort of a spikeless shoe. At the same time, they manage to give the same levels of grip as spikes, which is no mean feat.


Despite it’s lightness and flexibility, this is a very sturdy and durable shoe. The build quality is excellent as you’d expect from an Adidas shoe.


Another excellent golf shoe, the Adidas Adipower Boost 2 offers real value for money. It combines the grip and stability of a spiked shoe with the comfort and ease of a spikeless one.

This is another golf shoe we have no qualms about recommending.

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Footjoy Freestyle golf shoe review

Technical specifications

  • Lightweight and waterproof.
  • Tongue-Lok instep grip and HeelLok for comfort, grip and slip resistance.
  • Pulsar Cleats by SoftSpike.
  • InnerSok system with Achilles pad provides comfort and support for the heel.


The Footjoy Freestyle is certainly a distinctive looking shoe. We think it’s one of those that you’ll either love or hate with no in-between. Us? We love them!

Brightly colored and with a beautiful aesthetic design, they look great.

One of the core aims behind the design was mobility and freedom and so the shoe is very flexible. The reason for this is that Footlocker studied golfers’ weight and foot movement as they performed their golf swing and discovered that for many golfers more flexibility in their shoe equated to more power and distance.


These are one of the most comfortable golf shoes we’ve ever worn. No, scratch that: they’re one of the most comfortable shoes of any kind that we’ve ever worn!

It feels almost like you’re wearing a pair of slippers rather than shoes because they’re so light and flexible, but despite that they provide incredible grip and balance.

They feel great to walk in, with an excellent cushioned bounce. And importantly, they feel comfortable and “worn in” right from new. So there’s no painful breaking-in period like there often is with a new pair of shoes.

At the back of the shoe, there’s a heel tab which provides additional support and comfort.

The Footlock Footjoy is 100% waterproof and comes with a one year guarantee to this effect. So this shoe is suitable for playing in all conditions.


The design of the outer sole was inspired by nature, specifically by the Red Eyed Tree Frog which is renowned for its incredible grip. And we have to say the design works, as these shoes offer fantastic traction.

The Tongue-Lok instep grip combined with the HeelLok technology offer not only excellent comfort but also superior grip and resistance control.


The Footlocker Freestyle is a very well constructed shoe. Although it doesn’t seem as sturdy as the ECCO Biom G2, it’s definitely a robust shoe that’s sure to stand up to whatever weather the golfing gods can throw at it.


The Footjoy Freestyle represents excellent value for money and is a highly recommended shoe. You can read more reviews and buy it at Amazon by clicking on the button below:


The best golf shoes – summary

Each of the shoes reviewed here is truly excellent in their own right, offering as they do great comfort, design and most importantly, grip and flexibility during your swing. They all definitely deserve their place among any list of the best golf shoes.

None of them are cheap, but with the price tag comes quality and we’d be happy to choose any one of these shoes for our regular golfing footwear.

That said, the standout shoe for us is the ECCO Biom G2. With its unique design features and custom technology, it offers an unparallelled combination of superb comfort, traction and stability. You can check it out on Amazon using the button below: